Erect a Temporary Platform/Scaffold

Lift and Turn a load


You will be learning towards the outcome “Lift and Turn a load”. 

Whilst learning towards the outcome, you will be familiarizing yourself Lifting and turning a load  method.

Key and critical concepts which you will learn:

On completion of this module, the trainee must be able to:

  • Before a load is lifted the mass of the load must be determined.
  • When steel wire rope slings are used to lift loads, which have sharp corners and edges, corner protection must be inserted between the sharp edge and the steel rope sling.
  • The turn of a load using two chain blocks are done by using the Choker slinging method on to the load.
  • The center sling used to lift and turn the load had the bight below the center of the load to enable the load to be turned.
  • The outer slings used to support the load when it is turned had their bights above the centro of the load to support the load while it is turned.
  • All safety procedures must be adhered to.


  • The module included the lifting and turning of loads by applying the correct use of chain blocks, overhead beams, slings and shackles.

Tools, consumables, machinery and equipment required:

  • Four steel wire slings
  • Eight shackles
  • Two chain blocks
  • Rubber packing
  • Two beam crawls or Two double wrap choker slings
  • Tag lines
  • Extension ladder
  • Fiber rope for lashing ladder
  • Fiber rope to haul up chain blocks

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