Connect a Single Phase Motor to Reversing Contactors


SP-3: Connect a single phase motor to reversing contactors


You will be taught on how to design, wire and commission a single phase forward reverse starter

Key and critical concepts which you will learn:

  • Draw circuit diagrams for the main and control circuits, with one or more stop / start stations, for a single-phase motor and reversing starter installation.
  • Wire a reversing starter and connect it to a motor, according to the given wiring diagram.
  • Test the circuit and test-run the installation.

Tools, consumables, machinery and equipment required:

  • Module book / learning material
  • Pen/ pencil   
  • Booklet to make notes
  • Main breaker, 2 contactors, 1 overload, control breaker , 2stops, 2starts, lamp, single phase induction motor , connecting wires  , emergency stop ,  voltmeter and ammeter
  • Wire stripper , side cutter, tube spanner no 10  , round plier
  • Circuit diagram
  • Safety glasses
  • Measuring instrument – multimeter

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A reversing starter control system is often used when it’s necessary to reverse the direction of rotation of a motor e.g. in lifts, overhead cranes and machines.

Additional resources

  • Subject matter experts
  • In-company Standard Operating Procedures