LOP: Generic Lock Out Procedure Induction


  • In this module we will teach you on how to do a lockout procedure correctly and safely. This is to ensure that you do not put your life in danger, or the lives of the people working around you.  This procedure will also assist in minimizing the electrical shock burns, and electrocution, and therefore minimizing accidents if the machinery is locked out properly.

Key and critical concepts which you will learn:

  • You will learn the importance of locking out machinery and equipment
  • The dangers of hazardous energy
  • When lockout is required
  • Basic and group lockout procedures
  • Employer and worker responsibilities for safe lockout

Tools, consumables, machinery and equipment required:

  • Module book / learning material
  • Pen
  • Booklet to make notes


  • Lockout Procedures can be used on any electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, including but not limited to, hydraulics, lathe machines, pneumatic systems, movable equipment and kinetically stored energy.

Additional resources:

  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)
  • In-company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and / or Safe Work Procedures (SWP’s)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act /Mine Health and Safety Ac