Universal Joints


This module will enable you to strip, assess, repair and assemble a universal. You will be assessed to determine your competence as measured against the required criteria. This assessment will be in line with accepted best practices regarding assessment. This in turn will build a portfolio for you specific trade and serve as a part of the required information when applying for the Summative assessment (trade test).

Key and critical concepts you will learn

  • You will be learning how to;
    • Remove and replace a universal joint in a drive shaft assembly.
  • On completion of this module the learner must be able to:
    • Remove a split-joint drive shaft mounted between two flanges.
    • Remove service and replace the two universal joints.
    • Replace the drive shaft between the two flanges.
  • During this process you must adhere to certain specified requirements as listed in the Module.

Tools, consumables, equipment and machinery required

  • A split-joint drive shaft assembly
  • Necessary tools


This guides the learner through the process of overhauling a drive shaft assembly. This guides the learner through the process by explaining the steps to follow before attempting to work on a drive shaft universal joint. It guides the learner towards a safe working environment with the aid of a Risk Assessment. This is also a step closer to a Trade test qualification.

Additional resources

  • A demonstration by a competent person e.g. a Training Officer.
  • Audio-visual aids if available.